The Barker Gallery is a modern and stylish showcase for an expanding portfolio of quality contemporary art. Our website shows how different styles of contemporary art can be used to compliment and enhance interior design themes within both the home and commercial settings. Our artists are always pleased to assist with project based work.
  Transform your home or place of work with a stunning art make-over produced by our specialist team of talented contemporary artists.
  • Commission your own thematic series of stunning original paintings
  • Choose the style of art & colour themes to match your aspirations & interior design criteria
  • Talk Your Ideas through with our resident artists
  • Select an Affordable Budget Level
  • Pay in Stages as Paintings are Approved

TO FIND OUT MORE:  Click here or email to contact artists Jon and Soozy Barker who will always be delighted to talk with you about your ideas and how the art makeover process could give your home the art wow factor!!

Events Calendar

The Affordable Art Fair, Hampstead Heath, London 1st-4th November 2012