About  the Barker Gallery

The Barker Gallery (formerly The Art Connection Eton) is one of Berkshire's leading contemporary art dealers offering a superb and constantly changing collection of quality contemporary art at sensible prices.

The Barker Gallery is designed to reflect both the established identity of the art and the personality of the Barker family with whom many of our clients have formed trusting relationships. Our style of art is very contemporary but always stylish, intelligent and sophisticated. Our aim is to create an environment that is enriching and inspiring but always friendly and inviting.


About  the Artists

  • Jon Barker

    Jon Barker’s well defined semi-abstract style lends itself well to his invigorating and expressive interpretations of “City Life” and his powerful and evocative “Land” and “Seascape” paintings. His fluid and bold handling of oil paint testifies to the confident mastery which he has gained with his chosen medium.
  • George Thomas

    George Thomas excels in his combination of great vision and technical mastery. His dream-like images present the viewer with something strangely familiar, yet beyond the grasp of reality. Now a successful international artist with a world-wide publishing deal, his work has attracted the attention of serious and occasional collectors.
  • David Pearce

    David Pearce’s work has been used extensively by interior designers and show homes. His pictorial narratives are hinted at but mostly they are deliberately obscured to allow the work to retain an abstract power and simplicity, making them ideal compliments for many styles of contemporary living space.
  • Debbie Goldsmith

    Debbie Goldsmith is a serious painter with a direct and passionate approach which references human involvement within context of urban landscapes. Each painting is constructed from a series of layers which form opacity and density but which are constantly breached to open up spaces which allow the viewer to travel through and beyond the paint surface.
  • Soozy Barker

    Soozy Barker is well known for her absorbing and atmospheric landscapes which challenge the viewer’s perception, leading them into the dream-like world of her imagination. She regularly undertakes commission based projects to compliment interior design themes.
  • Philippe

    Philippe is inspired by many things, from microscopic elements found inside the human body, the birth of stars in distant galaxies and, much closer to home, to more pervasive influences like the ever renewing landscapes of Manchester and Salford. Tensions between chaos and order play major roles in the creation of Philippe's work.

Artists Submissions

Artists are invited to submit work via email. If artwork is selected it remains the responsibility of the artist to deliver the art to the Gallery and to collect unsold work within six months. The Gallery is not responsible for art work which is left for more than three years.